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Now there are two options for updates...

Since we now have two installation versions (2010 version and older 2000 version), we now have two update packages. It is important to select the correct version update package for your version otherwise the update will not complete sucessfully.

Applying the wrong update will not harm your system, but will cause the update to fail.

Win7+ (2010) Version Update

This update is for the installations using the most recent installer version. There is a single Update package which updates all installations of the following:

  • 32-Bit Office on Windows 32 Bit Installation (2010 Version)
  • 32-Bit Office on Windows 64 Bit Installation (2010 Version)
  • 64-Bit Office on Windows 64 Bit Installation (2010 Version)

This 2010 Update version is available HERE.

WinXP (2000) Version Update

This is the update package that should be used by PigCom users who have an old installation running on Windows XP or early Vista installations.

This Older 2000 Update version is available HERE.

Please remember that if you are running the old installation on Windows Vista (or Windows 7), once downloaded, you will need to right-click the update package and select "Run As Administrator" for the update to be applied correctly.

For more information, please visit our Support/frequently asked questions (FAQ) page HERE.