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Full PigCom Installation

With the launch of Microsoft Windows Vista®, it was necessary to update the underlying Microsoft technology on which PigCom is based (Microsoft Access and Microsoft SQL server)

Windows 7®

Windows 7 appears to be the natural successor to the highly successful Windows XP. The further development of Windows software has meant we have had to keep pace with PigCom installations. This meant having a Windows 7 (and Windows 8) compatible installation was necessary, along with providing for 64 bit versions of the operating system. Further to this, with Office 2010 and later versions, there are also 64bit versions of office. As 32 bit and 64 bit Office versions cannot co-exist on the same machine, we also needed to accomodate those people who have chosen (against Microsoft's own advice) to install the 64 bit office version.

Windows 8®/8.1®

Whilst the installations below are fully compatible with Windows 8, a pre-requisite for successful installtion is that "Microsoft dot net 3.5" needs to be installed prior to trying to install PigCom. Windows 8 comes with "Microsoft dot net 4.5" installed by default, but "Microsoft dot net 3.5" is available from the installation media (DVD) or from the Microsoft website.

Please visit the Microsoft website for further details on how to do this.

Select and Download the correct installation package

32 Bit Windows

Please contact us if you need the PigCom installation for Windows XP. As Windows XP support has been withdrawn by Microsoft, this version is now only available on request.

  • The Windows Vista/7/8 version is available HERE.

64 Bit Windows

The installation version which is suitable for you depends on which version of Microsoft Office you have installed on your PC. ACMC recommend the 32-bit Office installation on 64-bit Windows as 3rd party tools do not work with 64bit office and this currently includes the graphing tools used by PigCom. You need to select the version which matches any pre-installed version of office on your PC.
  • For 32-Bit installations of Office (recommended) the installation is available HERE.
  • For 64-Bit installations of Office the installation is available HERE.

For instructions on how to determine which versions of the operating system you are currently using, please visit our Support/frequently asked questions (FAQ) page HERE.